Money Saving Tips Everyone Can Use Part 8

by Justin Weinger on April 29, 2013

So far dear readers we have given you seven blogs: of money-saving tips that practically everyone can use on a daily basis to save money on all sorts of things. If you haven’t found any that you can use by now you might not have read everything is well. (Hey, we’re just being honest.) Anyway, where actually pretty sure that you’ve found these very helpful because you are again reading part 8! So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started on this next round of excellent money-saving tips. Enjoy.

1)       Many student loan lenders will reduce your rate if you sign up for their automatic repayment plan. This will not only save you a few bucks every month but it will help you to remember to pay and cut down on late payment fees. Typically this type of payment plan will save you approximately $100 a year.

2)       Rather than going on a big, expensive trip this year why not stay local and enjoy all the entertainment opportunities that your city or town provides. If you’re still keen on getting away for a few days go by car instead of taking a plane and try to stay as close to home as possible.

3)        If you have a premium cable package take a really good look at your TV watching habits and the habits of the rest of the family. It’s quite possible that you can cut out the premium channels because no one is watching them and save a few bucks on your cable bill every month. Frankly, there are many new ways to get the latest TV programs, movies and other shows that cost significantly less than your local cable bill.

4)       Get out and exercise more often. The simple fact is this; exercise is vital to your health, will reduce your healthcare costs now and in the future, can be a lot of fun and there are many different types of exercises you can do without the need of extra equipment or a gym membership.

5)       If you have online bill paying with your bank use it to pay as many bills as you can. This type of service has a number of benefits including saving you overdraft fees, saving on stamps and envelopes, saving you a trip to the post office and saving you a lot of time. Online bill paying is easy, quick and absolutely free.

6)       Non-perishable grocery store items should always be purchased in bulk. For example, if you see an excellent deal on toilet paper buy as much as you can because TP is always something that you and the family will need, it doesn’t spoil and it can be stored easily. Do this with every nonperishable item that you can like trash bags, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent and so forth.

7)       Connect all of your electronic devices to a smart power strip. Every time you power down the power strip all of the devices attached to it will power down as well which, over time, can save you a lot of money on your electric bill.

8)       If you make a money mistake don’t dwell on it or beat yourself up about it for too long. The truth is, once you start using all of these steps will become a smarter consumer and start saving money. The occasional mistake only means that you’re human.

9)       Remain diligent when it comes to money, your savings and your retirement plans. Remember that you are not the only person is trying hard to make ends meet and doing all they can to save money. This might not help you financially but mentally it can give you a bit of comfort.

10)    Forget the financial mistakes that you have made in the past and make an effort not to repeat them in the future. This sounds quite simple but, if you can do it, you can save literally thousands of dollars over the next few years, money that you can put towards savings, your retirement and other important goals.

Didn’t we tell you that we had some more great tips and advice?! We hope that you have enjoyed these new ones and re-invite you to come back soon for even more. Have a great day!


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