Money Saving Tips Everyone Can Use Part 7

by Justin Weinger on April 24, 2013

Ahhh,  another day and yet another money-saving tip-filled blog. Aren’t you glad that we are here to help you with all your financial questions and to save you lots of money?  If you’ve been keeping track then you realize that so far we have given you nearly 70 different  tips as well as excellent advice that can help you save big bucks every single day. We truly hope that these tips and advice are helping you to gain more traction with your finances. That being said, here are a few more money-saving tips that we know will help you. Enjoy.

1)       One of the best hobbies that you can engage in is reading. If you go to the library it is completely free, it affords you some time to relax and put your other cares aside and, depending on what you read, you can actually learn something new that may help you in the future in some way.

2)       If you find that the house you’re living in is just too much for the size family that you have you might want to consider selling and buying yourself a smaller house. Yes, we realize that this isn’t exactly an easy task to accomplish but, if the house you have is much too big for your needs, it means that you are spending a lot of extra money every month on utility bills and a mortgage for something that isn’t truly necessary. Since your mortgage is typically around half of your monthly expenses cutting down on this major bill can save you thousands of dollars.

3)       This may sound silly but taking a different route to work may just save you money, especially if you are used to stopping at fast food restaurants, coffee houses or other places where you spend money every morning. Using a different route will lower the temptation to stop, saving you money every commute.

4)       No matter what type of service you are signing up for ask that the sign-up fees be waived. Frankly, the answer that you get may be ‘no’ but on the other hand it may also be ‘yes’. Asking for this fee to be waived when you sign up for a new cable service can literally save you up to $100.

5)       Take a long, hard look at the hygiene products that you use and reevaluate whether they are actually worth buying or not. The simple fact is that many hygiene products can be very expensive and, since they typically get used up quite fast, can really add up over the years. Finding something that gives the same results but is cheaper is a great idea.

6)       Cut down on red meat. Nutritionally speaking red meat is extremely expensive compared to many other choices that are actually much healthier. Hey, we like red meat as much as the next guy but the fact is that the stuff is expensive and not very healthy if you eat too much of it. Also, there are many alternatives that are just as tasty and much healthier.

7)       Check every window and door in your home for air leaks and, when you find them, seal them up as well as you can. Whether keeping your home warm in the winter or cool in the summer cutting down on air leaks can save you big bucks and sealing those links is usually quite inexpensive.

8)       Purchase a surge protector for all of your major appliances. Simply put, an electrical storm can cause major damage in an instant to anything that is plugged into your home’s electrical system if there should happen to be a lightning strike. Using a surge protector is a very economical and safe way to protect these very expensive gadgets.

9)       If you really like the taste of beer or wine consider making your own at home. Now, we realized that there would be a lot of equipment that you would need to purchase in order to do this but, if you really love your beer or your wine and drink a good bit of it, making it at home yourself could actually save you a significant amount of cash.

Look at that! 9 more excellent tips can help you to save money. You don’t have to thank us, (we do it because we care) but if you don’t mind please tell all of your friends, family and neighbors about us and send them a link to our blog. That’s not too much to ask for some excellent advice is it? We don’t think so and we hope you agree. See you back here soon with a bunch more money-saving tips. Have an excellent day!


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