Money Saving Tips Everyone Can Use Part 4

by Justin Weinger on April 9, 2013

Hello and welcome back for part four of our money saving tips blog series. By now you must have found plenty of helpful tips that you can use and hopefully have already started using them. While we realize that some of these tips might not save you a ton of money if you put them all together you could actually save between $2-$500 per month which is not chump change. So, without further ado, let’s get started looking at a bunch more. Enjoy.

1)       It may seem a little odd but when you have a moment talk to the people you love about your dreams. The simple fact is that if you and the closest people in your life are all on the same page, dream wise, working towards those dreams will become much easier and you won’t be working against each other trying to make them happen.

2)       Every six months check every single appliance in your home to make sure that they are running correctly, are up-to-date on their maintenance and are free of contaminants that may cause them to perform incorrectly or breakdown.

3)       If you have any club memberships that you are not using at all cancel them. For example, a membership to the local gym or a local country club can cost you a lot of money each month and run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the years. If you’re not using the membership there certainly is no sense spending the money so cancel it and put that money in the bank.

4)       Don’t be afraid to buy used things. Frankly, sports equipment, games, toys, furniture, kitchen appliances, bicycles and even clothing purchased used can save you an awful lot of money and many times the used items are practically new. Buying used things is perfectly acceptable and there are many channels including eBay, craigslist, garage sales and other ways to find them and find huge savings as well.

5)       Make sure you always keep your hands clean. Yes we realize that this is something that you tell your children all the time but the fact is that adults get colds to and they cost money because you stay home from work, you have to go to the doctor and you have to purchase medicine. All of which could be avoided if you washed your hands regularly and especially after going out in public.

6)       If you have your credit card registered on any e-commerce websites get rid of it. The problem here is that if you have your credit card number registered with the e-commerce website it makes it much too easy to make a purchase. All you have to do is click purchase and you’re ready, making it very dangerous financially speaking.

7)       Instead of giving an item as a gift give a service. What we mean by this is that rather than buying someone a new tie or a plant for their birthday why not give them the gift of babysitting, dog walking, lawn mowing or any other service that they might appreciate other than an actual item. Be creative, there are a lot of things you could possibly do.

8)       Whatever holiday you are shopping for, do all of your holiday shopping directly after the holiday has passed. In the few days after a holiday ends all of the decorations and other stuff that was sold for that particular holiday will be on deep discount.

9)       Once a year to evaluate all of the things that you own that have a high value and determine which of them you should keep in which you can sell without causing much distress to the family. Many times this will save you the money for maintenance of the item and make you a few bucks that you can put aside.

10)    We’ve said this before but we will say it again; buy generic brands. The simple fact is that most generic brands are practically identical to national or store brands. Many times you will save 10 to 30% off of the cost and get the exact same product. Ask yourself this; are you paying for a brand and packaging or for the food that is in the packaging?

11)    If you don’t cook at home very often because you can’t cook then learn to cook. Simply put, cooking at home is much more economical than eating out and the food that you cook in most cases will be much healthier than anything that you can find even at a high-priced restaurant.

And there you have them!  11 more excellent money saving tips that you can put into practice ASAP to start saving money, cutting those bills down, putting more towards your retirement and even putting some towards your vacation fund. Use them in good health and make sure to come back and see you soon for the next blog in this excellent series. Cheers.


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