How Can Corporate Finance Help with a Businesses Budget?

by Justin Weinger on August 28, 2012

All of you know me as a personal finance blogger, but by day I’m a corporate finance professional!  I have a bachelors degree in finance, as well as my MBA.  In fact, it was these very endeavors that led me to starting my very own finance blog.  I often frequented the sites of other financial guru’s and I began to find myself disagreeing with some of their views, so I created my own soap box to stand on.  Regardless of how involved I become with my blog, corporate finance is still my passion, and as far as I can tell it always will be. 

I work for a manufacturing company, and there haven’t been a shortage on the number of times that I’ve heard engineers are the bread and butter of the company.  Engineers formulate, design, build, and modify the product, and without a product you wouldn’t have anything to sell.  While I agree with all of that, I would like to add that without finance a company is like a ship lost at sea.  Not only do we balance the books and deal with tricky tax implications, but we set the course for the entire direction of the business!  Corporate finance can be efficient and effective when it comes to building a better budget for the company.  Other departments know how much they want to spend, and what they want to spend it on.  Sales knows what prices will make their customers happy.  Human resources wants to pay competitive benefits and wages to retain and attract the best talent.  Finance simply rolls all of that together and determines not what we want to do, but what we must do as a company to thrive.


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