Travel Tips to Save You Money

by Justin Weinger on June 24, 2010

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There’s nothing like a bit of travel to broaden the mind – and empty the wallet! Seeing the world and exploring new cities, countries and continents can place a significant strain on your financial resources if you’re reckless with your hard-earned dollars. Need some advice, then, on how to get, for example, cheap holiday insurance and ensure your money stretches that little bit further in general? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Make savings before you go

With the wonder of modern technology, you can save yourself a small fortune from the comfort of your own home on everything from the cost of accommodation, flights and travel insurance by booking up as far in advance as is realistically possible. Companies tend to offer sizeable online discounts this way and another benefit of booking in advance is the fact it helps to spread the cost and reduce the chances of you having to resort to maxing out the credit card or borrowing money to fund your little getaway.  If you already have car and home insurance policies with a certain insurer, it may be worth talking to them to see if a deal can be reached for cheaper travel insurance.

Think about where you stay

Stay in hostels and shun hotels and motels if you’re really determined to keep your travel costs to an absolute minimum. Hostels can work out incredibly cheap and while you receive basic accommodation in return for just a few dollars every night, is it really worth paying substantially more to stop in something more upmarket? All you need is somewhere to rest your weary head at the end of each day, so providing it has the essentials then it’s more than up to the job.

Only pack the essentials

For sheer convenience alone, only pack what you need. It’ll mean you’re more mobile and less reliant on taking cabs here, there and everywhere because you’ve got a huge suitcase to lump around. Also think carefully about what you should take with you as things like travel wash will come in handy if you’re planning on being away from home for a long time and removes the need to have to pay to have items washed and dry cleaned.

Log on while on the move

There are numerous voucher code and discount websites that could be relevant to where you’re planning to go and end up saving you money on things like visiting attractions and eating and drinking out, as well as possibly netting you last-minute deals on accommodation or flights or pretty much anything and everything.

Cook your own food

Dining out can be a costly affair if you do so several times a day for a prolonged period of time, so try buying, cooking and preparing food when possible to save a few extra dollars here and there. You’ll always end up paying over the odds for the basics otherwise and it’s money better spent on something else.

Be careful where you change currency 

Exchange bureaus in airport terminals, in particular, offer notoriously low rates of exchange, so it pays to be mindful of that and not leaving it to the last minute to switch currencies. In fact, airports in general are expensive places for things like food and drink so always buy in advance and take your own.


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