The Best Ways to Sell your Stuff

by Justin Weinger on February 13, 2013

With money tight for many Americans we thought that we would bring you something different.  Today we’re going to show you the best ways to sell all of your unwanted, unused stuff. All of us have some stuff around the house that we don’t use or need but that still has some value.  In fact, many of us have housefuls of it.  Below are a few excellent ways to sell that stuff and make some quick cash to pay down debt, put in savings or put towards retirement.  Who knows, you may have a few thousand dollars just sitting in the shed, attic, garage or basement just waiting to help you out financially. Check out how to make it right here below.

They take a little time and effort to set up but garage sales are still the number 1 way to sell your unwanted collection of, well, anything.  If you really want to do it right get the neighbors together and have a block sale that will help everyone.

They’re a little ‘old school’ but classified ads in your local newspaper (while they still exist) are still a good way to get the attention you need to sell your stuff, especially bigger items like cars and motorcycles.

Of course today there’s the internet and online classified ads that you can put on sites like Craigslist and Kijiji.  There are lots of smaller sites as well as forums where you can post about selling your stuff and many of them are completely free to use.

Consignment stores, if they are available, are a great way to sell your clothes and furniture.  They do all the work and, even though they take a commission, you still will get more than if that stuff is collecting dust in your basement.

If you have something that is very valuable you may consider an auction house to get rid of it like Sotheby’s. Many of the ‘real world’ auction sites have now moved online also, giving you access to a much larger pool of potential buyers.

Online auctions of course are still all the rage and eBay is the king of those. They take a commission too but give you a platform that will help you sell your stuff to a huge audience all over the world. 

Finally, trading in your old stuff for new is an option as well.  Many stores will give you credit for your older, used stuff so that you can buy new stuff.

Now that you have all of these options we hope that you can go forth and sell all of that stuff an make a few extra bucks.  Our advice; save it, stash it or otherwise put it somewhere for later.  Or use it for a weekend jaunt to the islands.  Have fun.


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