How to Start Taking Advantage of Online Coupons

by Justin Weinger on July 15, 2014

The couponing craze is definitely a big trend these days and, with the cost of food going through the roof, it’s not a surprise. If you haven’t exactly been the best “couponer” up to now, but you’d like to be, the tips and advice below will help you to become an expert in no time using readily available online coupons that manufacturers send out all the time. Enjoy.

First, you should always print out your online coupons right away. While they may not expire immediately, and you may not need them right away, coupons from the Internet can be taken off of the Internet at any time with no warning. Some of them also have print limits and/or are “first-come, first-served”, so printing them right away really does make sense.

If you don’t want to use expensive printer paper, keep scrap paper handy to print out your coupons. Just make sure that there isn’t any personal info on the paper before you print out any coupons that you might want.

On many coupon sites, including, there is a limit of one coupon per printer. If you hit your “back” button however, in most cases you will be able to print one extra coupon as well. Some people actually set up multiple printers be able to do this, but that might be taking it to the extreme.

Coupons on social media website Facebook usually require that you have to “like” a product before you can print out your coupon for it. The problem with this is that, after a while, your Facebook News Feed will get very messy. There’s no stopping you from clicking the “unlike” button however. It’s on the bottom left-hand side of the page and after the coupon has been printed, you can easily click it and avoid any News Feed problems.

Couponing takes a good bit of organization in order to do it right, but you don’t have to buy expensive binders to help you do it. Some people simply use different envelopes for different types of products. For example, one for food coupons, one for cleaning products and so forth. The more organized you are, the more coupons you will be able to take advantage of before they expire.

One last bit of advice is simply this; sometimes even a coupon doesn’t mean you’re getting the best deal or price possible. Even if you’re getting a dollar off on a brand name product, if the generic equivalent of that product is two dollars less, you’re still paying more when you use that coupon. The point is that you shouldn’t let coupons get in the way of doing some real-time comparison shopping.


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