Christmas is Calling – Better Save up!

by Justin Weinger on December 20, 2012

Well, it’s that time of the year and I am so excited to be celebrating Christmas with my family and friends after a long time, and I am sure that most of you guys must also be pretty damn excited about the festivities that are about to follow. After all, we wait all year long for this time of the yearisn’t it?

But, since I happen to be the eldest sibling in my house; there is somethingthat really gets me pumped up about Christmas—buying gifts for my younger sister and my cousins. And I am pretty much sure that a lot of you guys must also be having younger siblings at your place, looking at you with puppy eyes, eagerly waiting for you to turn over the goodies to them.

So have you decided upon what to gift them? If not, then let me tell you something that most of us (elder siblings) know anyway—sometimes it can really get a hell-of-a-lot confusing when it comes to buying gifts;especially when it comes to buying stuff for sisters and brothers who actually treat you like Santa and have their lists ready.

And with gifts getting more expensive every year; it’s getting harder not to return home from the mall without blowing a huge hole in your pocket—askme, because by the time I get back home, the only piece of paper that I have in my wallet is probably the grocery list that my mom gave me the previous day. Therefore, I have started using what they call free shipping coupon code for Home Depot since a year back—Now that’s a piece of paper that helps me save some real paper… hehe!

Basically I find it a good idea to print these coupons and buy gifts either online or though the stores using these codes; all the while saving some money in the process. I mean, I have really been able to buy a nice gift for my girlfriend; even after spending wholeheartedly shopping for my brothers and sisters this Christmas. Well, even though my girlfriend is not that materialistic; but you know, every girl expects her guy to buy her a gift from time to time—and here we are talking about Christmas- the grandest time of the year.

So guys, you don’t necessarily need to spend like there is no tomorrow; I guess it’s a really good idea to save something for rainy days whenever we can.So, this Christmas just continue playing Santa Claus for your loved ones; but, do save up whenever you can.

Wish you all a merry Christmas and may the coming year bring out the best in you and may you achieve all that you have ever wished for… Till next time; keep rocking guys!


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