Tips for Saving Money with Couponing

by Justin Weinger on July 22, 2012

As impossible as it may sound, there are people who save nearly 90 percent on their grocery bills.  That’s right.  While the majority of us leave the grocery store with a lump in out throats, wondering how the price of food could have possibly gone so high in such a short period of time, there are some that leave the store with a smile on their face and most of their money still in their wallet because they know how to use coupons to beat the grocery stores at their own game.

Below are some of their best tips and tricks. If you want to save a load of money the next time you shop for food, best learn them ASAP.

1) Get aggressive. If you think that you’re fine just using the coupons that come with the one Sunday paper that you get you’re dead wrong. Super couponers get subscriptions to several papers (the cheaper ones that carry lots of coupons, of course), they ask the grocery stores to give them the extra papers left over on Monday morning, and they even ask friends and co-workers to give them their extra papers and coupons. More coupons mean more savings.

2)  Learn your Acronyms.  Do you know what OYNO, MIR and BOGO mean?  If not, you better learn because knowing these acronyms will assure you more savings.  BOGO means Buy One – Get One, MIR equals Mail In Rebate, and OYNO means On Your Next Order. All of these terms mean one thing – more savings for you.

3) Familiarize yourself with store policies. Some coupons are stackable (you can use them in tandem with a regular store coupon) and some stores offer ‘double deals’ which double your savings.  Know before you shop and you’ll save even more.

There are plenty of other tips, to be sure, but these 3 should get you started.  One last tip; always be nice to the cashiers.  They can make it a lot easier or you to get in and out of the store with less hassle.



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