The Premise of Saving Without a Budget

by Justin Weinger on August 20, 2006

I really enjoy money.

I know that it’s not a polite thing to admit to, but I think money is great.  And, for some strange reason, I’ve found that I enjoy saving money almost as much I enjoy earning it.

I think the reason I really enjoy saving money (aside from the obvious) is the fact that it’s easy to do, it quickly adds up, and it can drastically change your quality of life.

Think about it, how much happier would you be if you could save an extra $200 per month?  What would you do with that money?  Pay down your debt?  Start investing?  Save?  Put the money towards a dream vacation?

The point is, having money may not make you happy, but it probably isn’t going to make you unhappy either!

This is why I’ve started Saving Without a Budget – to show people simple things they can do each and every day to save some money.  Over time, it’s not unrealistic to save thousands of dollars thanks to these tips.

So, I hope this site is of use to you and helps you save lots and lots of money!


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