Ten Tech Habits You Should Have

by Justin Weinger on February 18, 2013

If you’ve had a computer for any length of time you have no doubt heard many a person give you advice about them.  You’ve probably heard about backing up your hard-drive, for example, or using passwords that are more secure.  The fact is, there are a few habits that you should have when it comes to your computer that will keep your personal info safe, help you avoid problems down the road and keep your computer running smoother, longer.

With that in mind here are some of the best things that you should habitually do to your computer to keep it healthy and your info safe.  Enjoy.

Social media websites aren’t exactly known for keeping your private stuff private. What that means is, every few weeks, you should adjust the privacy setting on social media websites like FaceBook (one of the worst offenders) and other social websites. If you want to you can use an app from AdjustYourPrivacy.com to help you.

Buying all of the ‘latest’ tech or the ‘best’ tech is always a fool’s errand.  The fact is, used tech equipment is sometimes excellent and has a better price and some things, like gold plated HDMI cables, are just for chumps. Get into the habit of researching your tech and possibly buying used and you’ll save big bucks in the long run.

De-clutter your desktop and hard drive or do your best to keep it clutter-free.  You’ll find files faster, your computer will work faster and you’ll get things done quicker with less frustration. Like a real desk a cluttered computer desktop is the mark of a confused mind.

Staying safe when using a public Wi-Fi stream means turning off ‘sharing’ and using SSL whenever possible.  That’s really the only way to keep hackers and others with evil intentions from getting a hold of your personal info and stealing from you.

Knowing what maintenance your computer needs is always a good idea but also knowing what you can do (nearly everything) and what needs to be professionally done (almost nothing) will help you to save money because you won’t be running to the ‘geeker squad’ guys every time you have a problem.

Knowing how to use and then actually using a good virus program is vital to the health of your computer.  If you don’t you will get viruses and, worse yet, you’ll spread them to family members, friends and colleagues.

Finally, backing up your computer to an external hard-drive or to the cloud is an essential habit to get into as well as using very secure passwords.  Using a password manager like LastPass is a very good idea these days.

And there you have them.  Some of the best habits that you can use to make sure your computer, as well as your life, are never compromised.  We hope you liked the Blog and we invite you back very soon for more excellent tech advice.


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