SWOB Best Posts of October

by Justin Weinger on November 8, 2012

Let me introduce you to the SWOB picks of the month.  In my not so humble opinion, these were some of the best posts of October, at least that I encountered.  Stop by and peruse them for yourself, you might even become a loyal reader.

Everything in life is better when you Add Vodka… so stop by and read up on an interesting story about Daisy’s phone bill shenanigans.

Ok so this post didn’t happen in October, but it’s pretty much ABOUT October… Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents is raking in the big bucks doing her thing…and it just so happens her thing is blogging.  Her online endeavors may even surpass me soon!

Ughhh I despise customer service with every fiber of my being!  I’m serious, I can’t stand any company and their customer service department, it fails me everytime, and annoys me to no end.  This is why I was pleasantly surprised to read up on a positive experience at Money Life and More…why can’t this happen to me ever.

A well written piece by what I think might be the only relevant and useful personal finance blog in the UK..at least that I’ve ever found.  Maria does it again, and she does it eloquently…read up on her changing position on credit cards over at The Money Principle.

My Money Counselor has combined some useful tax deduction info together with charitable giving…both a plus in my book.  Especially this time of year, as I scramble for any tax saving ideas that will help me pay the man a few less sheckles.


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