Nifty Ideas for Saving Money on Clothing

by Justin Weinger on October 17, 2012

There are a lot of ideas below that will help you when it’s time to buy clothes for the whole family and will keep your budget down to a reasonable level while still keeping you in style and looking good.

One of the best is to shop the clearance racks. Almost all department stores have them and they can be a great place to find awesome deals on clothing that may be just out of style, a ‘weird’ color or, sometimes, close to perfect with no problems whatsoever except that there were way too many in the store. Make sure you purchase things that will definitely be worn as even a great price on a piece of clothing is still a waste if it’s never used.

Shop for all the kids in your family during the month of August when there are many sales for ‘back to school’ and great prices on new, high quality clothes that the kids will love because all the other kids will be wearing the same thing.

Consider selling your used clothes on eBay, Craigslist and through brick-and-mortar consignment shops.  Doing this will make you money for new clothes and help to recycle the old, which is great for the planet.

If you have kids that are particularly tough on clothes buy patches for their jeans and sew them on the inside and outside of the knees.  This will help them last longer and keep you from having to buy new jeans every other week.

Get yourself a ‘clothing shaver’ to remove pills from sweaters and other garments. This will aid them to last longer and also looks better.

A great way to use the same clothes but make them look different is to accessorize.  When you do this you spend just a little extra but can make an outfit look completely different in several different ways.  This will save you from having to buy many different outfits.

Stores like Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Marshall’s and Ross have excellent prices on good quality clothing.  Shop at these excellent stores and save big.

Lastly take care of your clothes and don’t purchase needless new clothes all the time.  That’s a great way to keep your clothing budget under control, as well as all the others above. Good luck and good shopping.


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