Money Saving Holiday Tips

by Justin Weinger on December 17, 2012

Around the holidays most people tend to use more energy, including more electricity and more gas, than normal.  This can lead to quite a shock when January’s bills come due so, if you’re keen on avoiding that horrible scenario, read the tips below and save yourself a lot of money on energy costs this season. Oh, and don’t worry, we promise that you’ll still have a merry and gay time.

One of the biggest holiday electricity-wasting traditions is the colorful lights that many people use to decorate their Christmas tree and their homes.  The fact is, incandescent bulbs are incredibly wasteful even as they are pretty and festive. A much better alternative is to use new LED lights which are just as pretty but use nearly 90% less electricity and also don’t produce the risk of fire that the older bulbs can.

Speaking of lights you’d do very well to use fiber optic decorations in the yard as they, like LED lights, are extremely energy efficient and in some cases only use 1 LED bulb in an entire display to light up an entire piece.

Use a timer for all your lights, including the Christmas tree, so that they don’t stay on all night long wasting energy.  The truth is that, after about 10:00 at night there really aren’t any people passing by looking anyway so why waste the energy. Setting them to go on after dark and turn off about 6 hours later is probably the best idea.

When you have guests over during the holidays you can definitely turn down the heat as the more people that you have the more heat that they’llmake.  If they’re drinking alcohol you can be sure that, if you keep the heat on too high, they’ll all start feeling uncomfortable anyway so do them a favor and turn down the heat.

If you can do it safely you could consider lighting your home with candles on the biggest days of the season like Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanzaa, even going so far as to decorate the lawn and driveway.  This may not be a great idea if there are little ones around or if there is going to be a lot of drinking but, if those risks are absent, it could save you a few bucks and it’s quite pretty also.

Lastly, if you’re a sucker for Christmas lights why not walk around town to see them this year rather than drive around.  You’ll save a little gas, get some exercise and get to know your neighbors too.  What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays and save some energy at the same time.



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