Best Apps for Windows 8

by Justin Weinger on February 23, 2013

Windows 8, as the newest incarnation of the world’s favorite computer platform, has many apps that you might not know about but can deliver extremely beneficial services and greatly enhance your experience when you’re on your computer. With that in mind here are several, in no particular order, that are our favorites. Enjoy.

One of the little things that was taken off of the new Windows 8 Metro Desktop was a clock and, frankly, a lot of users are missing it.  Jujuba’s free Clock App will take care of the problem and, since it’s a ‘live tile’, it shows not only the time but the date as well.

The new Skype app has a more user friendly interface and syncs with your People hub contacts.  Not only that but it notifies you even when you’re in another app. Sweet.

Almost as easy to use with your mouse than with a touch screen the Fresh Paint app will bring out your creativity with a ‘brush’.  The most fun, however, is taking a picture from your camera, webcam or hard drive and ‘painting’ it. Very cool.

If you love your news the News Bento app has a huge list of sources and plenty of RSS feeds to choose from.  The articles in Bento expand on your desktop too, making them easier to read. Sharing with the ‘share charm’ is also easy to do.

If you’re big on multi-tasking the Tool Box  lets you do that with 6 tasks at once like use the calculator, see the weather, take voice notes and integrate with FaceBook. The different layouts it has can show up to 6 tools at once. Very handy.

Although Bing is OK lots of people want another search option and the Google Search app has an excellent interface that will give the user a full web experience. Not only that but it will let you access other Google services some of which don’t have apps yet.

Sure it won’t help you get any work done but, when you’re a little bored, you can play the most popular computer game of all with the Microsoft Solitaire Collection. With 5 playing variations and a large variety of cool backgrounds you’ll never run out of options for your fave game.

If you use only FaceBook or Windows Live Messenger then the Windows 8 messaging app will suffice.  For the rest of the population that uses Google Talk, AIM, Jabber, ICQ and Yahoo Messenger you’ll need IM+, the best app for keeping touch with the rest of the world.

Now that’s a bunch of good looking apps.  We hope you liked a few of them and wish you luck and good times using them.  See you soon with more great tech info, tips and updates.


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