Tips on How to Make and Save Extra Money

by Justin Weinger on May 1, 2014

Every person always toys with the idea of making extra cash and becoming an overnight success. This may not be a walk in the park as one fantasizes. However it is not an impossible dream. With a clear plan and its execution, you can manage to make that extra buck to supplement your monthly income. Follow the following tips.

1. Transform your car into a moving billboard.

Your car can be very instrumental in generating you that extra cash. Advertising. How do you achieve this? Many advertising agencies are willing to use private cars to advertise their products. This include plastering adverts on your car. If you see this cars you may probably think it belongs to those firms!

Firms will pay you depending on factors such as the duration of the posters in your car, your region. Some companies may pay you upto between $400-$900 per month for that! That is merely you driving your car around!

If you want this you simply sign up on the company’s website and fill in your details including your region. The potential advertiser who wants to target your demographic region will get your details from the site and contact you.

2. Selling junk cars.

There are various ways you can get cash for your junk car. To increase the returns from your junk car, observe the following.

· Obtain ownership of your car

If you do not own it, make sure you obtain ownership in your name. Most dealers won’t buy a car unless it has proper documents.

· Assessment of the car value.

Arm yourself with all the relevant information about your car as much as possible. The damages, the mileage, its road worthiness etc. This will help you have an idea about the Blue Book value of the car.

· Get the range of prices.

Contact various junkyards within and without your city and get their offers. This will help you compare prices and make an informed decision. Contacting the nearest junkyards is more appropriate as this will eventually reduce your expenditure when driving/towing to the buyer.

· Personally deliver your car.

Personally delivering your car will be cheaper in your side and in most cases your buyer will pay extra. Be armed with your car documents.

3. Work online as a Freelancer.

This is the current trend in making an extra buck. Get a contract with a company seeking the type of skills you can offer. This sort of job has no limit to how much you make, it depends on your commitment and number of working hours you are ready to work.

4. Rent out your extra room.

Most people with extra or spare rooms have sorted to renting them out and earning from the rent. This could attract as much as between $250-$100 per month depending on the current rental market price.

However, there are various procedures that you need to follow before renting out your spare room. Check the credit worthiness of your tenants, draw up a lease which is crucial in protecting yourself. It is generally important to check with your local authority for relevant laws.



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