The Top Survey Sites for Making a Little Extra Cash

by Justin Weinger on November 20, 2013

Many people ask us about survey sites that we recommend and which ones they are. The fact is however that survey sites aren’t really a particularly good way to make money. You need to take a whole lot of surveys in order to make just a little bit of money and,  frankly, there are lots of other ways to make some extra cash that are less time-consuming and more profitable.

But, since we keep getting the same question, we decided to put together a small blog today with a list of some of the top survey sites that can help you make a little bit of extra spending money. Like we said, it will take you some time and you won’t make a whole lot but, if you have time and you can do it from home, these next few sites are the best place to start. Enjoy.

  • Inbox Dollars. This site offers a “daily survey” that will pay you $.50. It doesn’t take a lot of time but, obviously, it doesn’t make you a whole lot of money either.
  • SurveySpot. This site pays up to five dollars per survey and they only have a minimum cash out of five dollars making it relatively easy to earn enough money to get a check. They have a quarterly prize of $10,000 to a survey panelist as well, making it one of the better survey sites.
  • Valued Opinions. Offering two dollars for a 20 minute survey, they pay in Amazon and Visa gift cards. One small problem that I find with this site is that they charge a fee for cashing out your gift cards, which I don’t find particularly fair. Still, not a bad site for the time and money involved.
  • My Survey. One of the nicest things about this site is that they pay you for every survey that you take no matter if you qualify, meaning that you won’t be wasting your time and effort. Once you hit 1000 points (which equals $10.) You’re able to redeem those points for either prizes or cash.
  • Pinecone Research. One of the best things about this site is that you get paid cash after every survey that you take because there’s no minimum to cash out. They pay you through PayPal and I have a pretty good amount of surveys, all of which pay you $3. once you complete them.  One of our favorite sites.
  • SurveySavvy. Another site that has a  very small payout, SurveySavvy  pays once you’ve made  $1. And,  Even better, they sometimes contact survey panelists for focus groups and pay quite well for them.
  • CashCrate –  Offering 1 to 2 daily surveys for $.50 each, this isn’t a great site but when you’re really in need it’s better than nothing.
  • Opinion Outpost.  This site will let you instantly cash out your funds when you reach $5. for  An Amazon gift card and their surveys range from $.50 per survey to four dollars.

As we said before we started, were not the biggest fans of survey sites but the ones above are some of the best. If you have the time to do them you can make a few dollars and it’s not hard work by any means. We hope that you find one that you like and we wish you the best of luck in making a few extra bucks for the coming holiday season.




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