Making Extra Money with a Website

by Justin Weinger on January 16, 2013

Nobody ever said making extra money was easy, just that it’s doable.  If you’re like me and have a day job you are probably busy working a minimum of 40 hours per work, if not more.  You may even have a family that you enjoy spending time with, and perhaps you actually enjoy having some extra time for yourself.  Now we find ourselves in the situation of wanting to earn more money, but we don’t have time for taking on another job.  So then, how are we supposed to balance work, life, and personal time and still make extra money if we need it?  That is a question I was asking myself a few years ago.  I saw all of those get rich quick schemes that promised to pay handsomely for stay-at-home work.  Well I’m not one for money schemes, but I do like the premise of working from home.  After all, I spend enough time driving and working at my office, I don’t need  a reason to pick up and go to another job.  This is where I thought to myself, “why not build your own website”.

Creating and monetizing a website can be one of the least capital intensive ways to make money that I know of.  Unlike real estate, mutual funds, and pretty much every other investment out there, you don’t need to sink a bunch of your money in to get a return.  Rather, building a website is more about self dedication of time and effort, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have lots of patience.  That being said, there are many ways you can monetize and build revenue on a quality website.  Below I will list some of the ways I have been able to earn a second myself.

CPC and CPA type advertisements are probably the most common way to make money after you build your site.  Putting these ads up on your site allows targeted ads to be matched to your search engine traffic.  The more they click, or in some case the more impressions you make, the more money you make.  Depending on the topic of the site, the topic of the ad, and the extent to how far the user clicked through, the revenue you earn can vary.  Though rest assured with a little effort and some patience you can watch these earnings grow month after month.

Direct advertisements are another great way to earn money.  For instance, if you have a finance site you might find it beneficial to post a banner ad of a major bank in your region.  This bank might decide to pay you for space on your site for a defined period of time.  Ultimately, you need to align with advertisers that are in the same niche as the topic you are writing about.

Sponsoring viral campaigns is yet another way to start racking up money with your website.  I have recently dabbled in this form of advertising myself.  A very reputable media company will try and spread their clients message through an array of posts that are promoted via social media…essentially taking their topic viral.  It’s been catching on as of late and there is money to be made if your site achieves their desired traffic numbers.


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