How to Make Money Online

by Justin Weinger on February 20, 2013

There isn’t a person on this earth who would say “no” to some extra cash if they had the chance.  I spent a better part of my young adult life cooking up ways to make some extra dough.  The trouble is that you need to spend money to make money, and most people are risk adverse and afraid to do that.  This is where making money with a website is ideal.  They are labor and time intensive, but the out-of-pocket capital is actually quite minimal.  If you use a trust-worthy website builder like 123Reg then you can get it done with little hassle and minimal cost.  Once you have the website in hand then there are several ways to earn revenue from your site and I will explain them in detail below.

CPC advertising (cost-per-click) is one of the most popular ways to monetize your website.  Once you are able to build consistent traffic on your site you can begin to place banner ads on the sidebar, in posts, or practically anywhere you desire.  When visitors click on these text and image banners you earn money.  It helps to increase visitors, so keep your content fresh and updated regularly.

Affiliate advertising is quickly becoming the preferred method of advertisement.  This is where you can sell specific products to a very targeted audience.  For instance, I may write about the best credit card available online, and then include a link within that article to sign-up for that very same card.  The caveat is that you often need to work with companies who have affiliate programs, and then write content that is very tailored to their product.  There are many tools and plugins that can assist you with this.

Direct placement is another form of advertisement.  Companies that are simply looking to be “visible” might pay you to put a large banner of theirs on your homepage that would direct your visitors over to them.  For example, HSBC bank may want to place a banner advertisement on a very popular finance site in order to show that sites visitors that they are a trusted bank.  I often use products and services that are recommended by the blogs I visit and trust the most.

Product reviews, while not quite as common as the other forms of advertising, can be quite profitable.  Many times companies are very confident in their product and are more then willing to pay a website to test and review their product.  This could be anything from a budget template to an air mattress.  Of course you are never obligated to review it favorably, only that you will give your true and honest opinion of it.

As you can see there is no shortage of ways that you can monetize and earn some real money on your site.  In fact, let my blog be an example, I started this site a few years ago and have since been able to monetize in all the ways I explained to you above.  All it cost was a few dollars and a little ambition.


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