Clever Ways to Save More Money

by Justin Weinger on April 16, 2014

Some of us find saving difficult, particularly if we fail to set ourselves tangible saving goals. If you’re looking to tighten your belt and put some capital aside, make sure you have something in mind that you’re saving specifically for. This will make the process much easier and you can reward yourself with small treats when to reach particular saving milestones. Read on for some smart ways to save cash so you can finally afford that holiday in the sun, coveted new car or home renovation project.

Food and Drink

Instead of buying your lunch during the working day, why not make sandwiches or a salad the night before and take them with you? Bringing your own snacks and lunch to work will save you money in the long term. The same goes for the expensive double caramel latte that you pick up on the way to the office. Cut out this morning coffee expense and bring your own in a travel cup. The mark-up on commercial coffee is huge and you will save almost £20 per week by cutting out a daily Starbucks habit. If you’re serious about saving money, it’s also important to think about the amount of food that becomes wasted in the home. Remember that items bought it bulk can usually be frozen, and it’s best to check the use by dates of groceries before you put them in your shopping basket. Don’t throw money away by overstocking on foodstuffs that will go off before they are consumed.

Energy Bills

Rising energy bills have made saving almost impossible for many households, particularly in the UK. Keep a watchful eye on you energy consumption and turn off appliances like TVs and laptops at the plug rather than leaving them on standby. There’s now an app that you can use to control the thermostat in your house, so don’t worry if you accidentally left the heating on.

Making Extra Cash

The best way to save money is to make more. If you’ve got a good financial head on your shoulders, you may wish to consider currency trading. Foreign exchange or currency trading holds the potential for huge rewards, but also poses a significant amount of risk. It’s an attractive option for the financially minded because with a small amount of online training, anyone can get involved and be successful. For more information on foreign exchange, contact a specialist like Currencies Direct. Some risk is inevitable when it comes to making money, and if you have the skills why not try your hand at currency trading? On a smaller scale, you could also make extra cash by selling unwanted clothing, shoes, DVDs and games. There are plenty of online sites that allow you to trade used goods and retailers that will allow you to exchange your old mobile phones for cash. Many people are unaware of the returns they could receive by simply sorting through their possessions and selling items that are no longer useful or wanted. You can declutter and make money at the same time.


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