Spread Betting Infographic

by Justin Weinger on June 26, 2012


Female Trading Infographic

Over the past few decades, there’s been a seismic shift towards gender equality in many sectors, and there are visible signs that the world of financial trading is beginning to follow suit. This infographic created by City Index has helped to chart the progress of female traders who, irrespective of their background, profession and age, have managed to make a success of both financial spread betting and CFD trading.
In direct correlation with the growth of spread betting over more traditional forms of stock trading, more women are realising that they could make significant profits from their trading activity if they make the right decisions. Some of the examples cited of the most successful female traders earning over £100,000 a year in profits show that spread betting could, with the right amount of caution and nous, be profitable. Women of all ages are getting involved, with a 75-year gap between the youngest and oldest trader.


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