Investing in Gold Bullion for Long Term Profits

by Justin Weinger on March 7, 2013

Although gold bullion may not offer an instant return should you wish to invest, it’s steadily increasing value ensures that you are more or less guaranteed to receive a handsome profit over an extended period of time. This is what is making the gold industry increasingly popular whilst the traditional investment idea of venturing into the property market is becoming more and more unpredictable.

Whilst the housing market continues to fluctuate and the current economy falls in and out of recession, investors are looking for stability when it comes to a financial venture which in turn is causing the purchasing of gold bullion increasingly popular.

Going for Gold

The true beauty of gold investment is that you don’t necessarily need to have a great deal of funds available to reap the benefits. Gold’s a finite resource so this means that its value is more or less guaranteed to increase regardless of the state of the economy. As demand increases and the resources continue to diminish, the gold that you do possess with grows drastically in value.

Gold bullion is a much more reliable and stable market than property development for example and therefore makes for a good, safe and solid investment, regardless of how much you purchase.

How to Invest

To ensure your gold holds its value, you’ll need to check that it fits a certain criteria:

  • Purity: Your gold bullion should ideally be 100% pure and therefore should have gone through all the necessary checks to guarantee this.


  • Bars and Coins: Rather than opting for jewellery and ornaments, where possible always aim to invest in gold bars and coins. This is because the aesthetics of necklaces, rings and ornaments play a major role on the valuation as it is very subjective, where the uniform appearance of bars and coins make a valuation more accurate.


  • Storage: Once you’ve purchased your gold from a reputable source you need to make sure it’s kept in a good condition. This is usually done by storing it in a secure safe that’s resistant to all the elements.


Once you have purchased your gold you will firstly need to ensure you have a strong insurance policy in place if any accidents of thefts happen to occur. Before you get your gold delivered, place it on your home insurance with all of the necessary protection in place. As well storing your gold bullion in a safe, you may also want to invest in a high quality burglar alarm to deter thieves from your property.

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