Avoid the Lunchroom Soda Machines

by Justin Weinger on August 22, 2006

This money saving idea is the first in a long line of “frugal suggestions” that show all of those small daily purchases really do add up to a lot of wasted money that you could easily put to better use somewhere else in your life.

Let’s say that every afternoon at work, you grab yourself a $.65 caffeine pick-me-up.  Doesn’t seem like much; I mean, it’s only $.65, right?

Well, yes, it is only $.65 spent that particular day, which hopefully won’t make or break your bank account.  The problem is, this probably isn’t a one time purchase.

If you’re buying a $.65 soft drink/soda/cola/whatever you want to call it, each day over the course of an entire work year (let’s say 250 days) you’re going to spend $162.50.

Big difference right?

Obviously, the problem is only going to be worse if you buy two or three soft drinks each day.

So, from here you can do one of two things:

  1. Give up drinking soft drinks at work
  2. Bring your own drinks from home

Obviously, if you follow the first item, you’re going to save $162.50 per year if you give up drinking one soda per day.

However, if you decide you still need to get your caffeine fix from drinking soda, you can still save some money by following item number two.

If you buy your soda at the Supermarket on sale and then bring one in to work each day, the cost should be about $.20 per can – that’s assuming you picked up a 12 pack for $2.50, which is a deal you can find at some Supermarket each week.  You can probably get the cola for even less per can if you purchase the generic stuff or bought the “regular” cola in bulk, but those tips are for other articles.

By paying only $.20 per can, you’re now saving $.45 per can, which spread out over the entire year is a savings of $112.50.

While I know that may not seem like much, if you add it together with some other money saving ideas, you’ll really begin to notice a sizable increase in the amount of your hard earned money that you keep in your pocket.


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