Get an All-Inclusive Vacation or Plan it Yourself?

by Justin Weinger on June 24, 2010

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There are many fundamental questions to answer once a decision has been reached to head off on vacation. Where to go? When to go? How will you get there? How long will it last? Should you go all inclusive? Or would it be better to plan everything for yourself? Should you need help to resolving the latter two dilemmas then here’s a few pointers on the merits of both approaches. Remember, whatever you ultimately decide to do, don’t forget to protect yourself with worldwide travel insurance.

The pros of going all inclusive

It’s hassle free. Months of planning can go into a vacation and some people neither have the time or the desire to devote hours on end to sourcing flights, accommodation, transfers and the rest of the usual things you need to book in advance. Instead, somebody else can do it for you and while it’s more than likely to mean the overall package costs more, you may view it as an expense worth making. Plus, getting a travel expert involved should mean you get a good deal and go with reputable firm.

It’s all inclusive. All inclusive pretty much means exactly that. The cost of food and drink is included in the price and that’s why the price is more than you’d expect to pay for just a hotel room and flights. Eating out can be expensive while away on vacation, especially if the whole family are tagging along, so you could actually end up saving money by going all inclusive. Activities, excursions and even things like spa treatments may also be included in the vacation at no extra cost to you, which again would be expensive if booked separately.

The pros of sorting it all out yourself

It may work out considerably cheaper. All–inclusive breaks tend to be expensive and while it can work out cheaper in terms of the cost of food and entertainment, there’s no doubting that you can find cheaper flights and the like if you’re willing to shop around online and be pro-active.  Booking well in advance or waiting for last-minute deals to materialize could end up saving you hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars. That money could easily be put to your next vacation.

It may broaden your mind. Planning your own holiday from scratch means that you can do exactly what you want, when you want. You won’t get a real feel for a different country and different culture if you stay solely in the confines of your hotel complex, as you would tend to do on an all-inclusive trip. Live where the locals live and dine where the locals dine. It’ll be more unique and more personal to you if you take the time to plan how your hard-earned dollars are best spent.


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