Buy Used – Part 1: DVDs

by Justin Weinger on September 7, 2006

For most people, the best thing that came about during the major shift from VHS to DVD was the fact that the movie’s picture was a lot clearer and the sound a lot more crisp.

My favorite part was the fact DVDs last a lot longer and are more durable, meaning it’s a pretty good deal to buy them used.

For the most part, I have heard that you can buy many used DVDs at a 25% to 50% discount, which isn’t that bad considering it will last you just as long and probably play just as well as the brand new equivalent.

Just for fun, I went to Amazon and conducted my own very unscientific study about just how much you can save on both new releases as well as older favorites:

  • For DVDs that have come out within the last couple of months, my unscientific study showed you can expect to save about 30% if you decide to purchase the “barely used” version.  With the average price of a new DVD being about $18, this represents a savings of about $5.40 per disc.
  • For DVDs that have been out for a while, especially movies that have been out for a few years, you can expect to save between 40% and 60%.  With the average price of an older DVD being about $10, this represents a savings of $4 to $6.

If you frequently buy DVDs, switching to “used” DVDs could save you hundreds of dollars per year.  With savings like that, there doesn’t seem to be ANY reason you should ever buy another brand new DVD again – unless you’re buying the movie as a gift.  At that point, I would go ahead and cough up the extra money to buy a gift that still has the shrink wrap!

“EDITOR’S” NOTE – when go to purchase a used DVD, especially online, make sure you are using a reputable company or person.  If you are purchasing the DVD from eBay or an merchant account, check the seller’s rating to make sure you’re not going to get some illegal bootlegged copy.


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