How to Save Money and Still Follow the Trends

by Justin Weinger on April 30, 2017

It’s the existential dilemma for every fashionista; how to look your best and always in fashion while still being able to afford to pay the rent and buy food.

And while there are many fashionistas out there who would choose a new pair of pumps over a meal, this article has some information which should negate the need to make that decision.

Are You on the List?

A question you likely hear when trying to enter the hottest night spot of the season. However, it also applies to saving money on current fashion items. Each time that you are at the counter and see a mailing list, sign up. If you are browsing a store online and see an option to sign up, do it!

While these types of mailing lists get a bad reputation, it’s all based on old perceptions when stores used to bombard their mailing list addresses with pointless information. This lead to nothing short of a consumer revolt as fingers all over the world reached for the SPAM button; a trend merchants picked up on and adjusted their tactics.

Nowadays, these mailing lists provide shoppers with relevant and appealing discounts and sales on current and next-season stock. That’s right – NEXT season stock. If you get on the right mailing list, you could find yourself with early access to collections before they even hit the runway and with the option to buy them before anybody else.

Surely There Is a Coupon for It?

A good question; and one to which the answer is a resounding YES. Looking for a new dress? Check online for a coupon for free shipping. Need a pair of winter house shoes? Head to the Groupon Coupons page for Ugg to get deep discounts. How about the latest shades of eye-shadow? You guessed it – there’s a coupon for it.

The next time that you see an item in store which you simply must have, take note of its item code and go home to spend some time looking for a coupon or voucher. Whether it’s a small percentage off or free shipping, money in your pocket is exactly that!

Online Forums

Forums are not commonly known to people who aren’t well versed on the internet. Particularly those who didn’t grow up with the internet. Forums are a text based space for people to communicate on shared topics. They are similar to message boards, and there are numerous different sites which accommodate for every pastime and hobby. Including fashion.

Look online for fashion based forums and message boards where you can speak with devoted fashionistas like yourself about underground sales and secret discounts which only people who are in the know are aware of. Forums are also the place where designers can provide details of sample sales and warehouse deals which aren’t available to the public.

When it comes to looking your best all the time, these are some great ways to help you strike a balance between looking good and…eating.


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