Family Money: Easy Ways to Cut Your Family’s Expenses

by Justin Weinger on November 3, 2011

ShareTweet Well, apparently the author bug has really bitten me, because I’ve already released another book for the Amazon Kindle! The book, “Family Money: Easy Ways to Cut Your Family’s Expenses,” is a light-hearted how-to book on ways to drastically slash your monthly expenses without correspondingly affecting your lifestyle. Through years of writing on Saving […]


Living a Frugal Life Isn’t the Same as Self Deprivation

by Justin Weinger on September 7, 2011

ShareTweet All too often I hear people complain about how hard it is to begin living frugally because they think they are going to have to live this terrible life in the World of No, meaning any impulse they have to spend money on something they’d like automatically must be shot down with a resounding […]


25 Things to Throw Out Today

by Justin Weinger on August 23, 2011

ShareTweet Editor’s Note: Throw out doesn’t necessarily mean put in the trash. Recycle, donate, sell or put in the garbage is what I mean.  Putting that in the title makes it a little long… A little over a week ago, my wife and I did a deep clean of our house, and it was, in […]


ShareTweet One thing I noticed today is the fact I’m always on or paying attention to some sort of electronic device.  I’m always either checking email on my Blackberry, surfing the internet on my laptop, or watching something on TV. (Well, not always, but probably much, much more than I should be.) And, in today’s […]