Household Items That Save You Money

by Justin Weinger on August 31, 2011

ShareTweet Today while scanning my usual personal finance sites I came across an interesting video (see below) on household gadgets that not only pay for themselves, but eventually end up saving you a little bit of money. The video made me think of an interesting point, probably something which my much smarter readers have already […]


Slash Your Recurring Monthly Costs and Save Big

by Justin Weinger on August 22, 2011

ShareTweet Monthly recurring costs can take up a big chunk of your budget. And sadly, because these costs are expected each month, we end up paying the bill without much thought, especially now that many of our bills can just come directly out of our checking accounts without us having to even really look at […]


How to Save Money On Your Energy Bills

by Justin Weinger on June 24, 2010

ShareTweet As energy providers prepare to hike their prices up even further, controlling your finances is becoming more difficult than ever before. It is the same old injustice that the cost of living continues to rise as our salaries stay the same that is holding many of us back. But, fear not, there are ways […]


3 Ways to Save Money and Energy

by Justin Weinger on June 25, 2007

ShareTweet One of the things that I’ve been trying to read more about is simple ways that I can reduce the amount of energy that I use around my house. With all the talk of trying to become more environmentally aware, I wanted to make sure that I was “doing my part” in an effort […]