Are You Going to be Able to Retire Some Day?

by Justin Weinger on October 26, 2013

ShareTweet According to financial services company HSBC,  almost 20% of all Americans surveyed by them recently believe that they will never be able to retire and will keep working until the day they die. When it comes to people who are either separated or divorced, the picture is even worse. Almost 35% believe that retirement […]



Is your 401(k) Plan Going to Be Enough?

by Justin Weinger on September 20, 2013

ShareTweet 401(k) savings plans have been around for a few decades and have always been touted as one of the best ways to save money for retirement.  The fact that many employers have matching programs that match the funds that a person puts into their 401(k) yearly is one of the big reasons that many […]



Planning your Retirement? Here are 8 Mistakes to Avoid

by Justin Weinger on July 30, 2013

ShareTweet Okay, we’re just going to come right out and say it; a recent national survey showed that over 85% of all respondents weren’t confident that they would be able to retire comfortably based on their current retirement plans. 85%! That’s a huge, scary amount of people that don’t believe that they’re going to have […]



When should you start collecting Social Security?

by Justin Weinger on May 15, 2013

ShareTweet Social Security has been around for quite a few years and is relied upon by millions of retired people as either one of their sources of income or their sole source of income. The amount of money that a person receives from Social Security is based on the earnings that they made during their […]