Being Happy With What You Have

by Justin Weinger on November 21, 2012

ShareTweet Saving money isn’t an easy task!  It’s human nature to go out and spend money, we always want the newest and greatest things.  Thing of the hours long lines that accumulate everytime a new version of the iPhone comes out, or the stampeding masses on Black Friday….people have literally died getting caught in that […]



Four Steps to Becoming Financially Successful

by Justin Weinger on December 2, 2011

ShareTweet As you’ve gathered by reading many of the posts here on Saving Without a Budget, I really don’t think it’s all that complicated for anyone to become “financially successful.”  It just takes a little bit of basic knowledge regarding personal finance and a whole lot of will power. Note: financially successful doesn’t necessarily mean […]


The Frugal Christmas Gift Guide

by Justin Weinger on November 22, 2011

ShareTweet Without a doubt, the holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year. It seems you’ve got one family gathering after another, you’re busy trying to get your decorations up, and you’re stressed about getting gifts for everyone without blowing your budget. While I can’t help with the first two problems […]


Aspire to be a Minimalist

by Justin Weinger on November 17, 2011

ShareTweet A while back, I wrote about how my wife and I spent the better part of a weekend doing a deep clean of our home. We went through every room in the house and ended up donating or trashing old clothes, dishes, cooking utensils, DVDs, useless papers, you name it. And, as I stated […]