How To Choose The Right Car Insurance Policy

by Justin Weinger on July 9, 2013

ShareTweet Car insurance – you have a love-hate relationship with it. You buy it but pray that you will never need to use it. You may pray all you want, but if there is an accident, then the insurance will keep your finances secure. Oops! That collision was not your fault. But, the other driver […]



Types of Accidents You Should Claim

by Justin Weinger on June 21, 2012

ShareTweet You’ve just had an accident and as a result have picked up an injury, but aren’t too sure about what may happen in the near future. If you’ve never experienced such a thing, but are worried about how it can happen to you, there are some types of accident which are more common than […]


Slash Your Recurring Monthly Costs and Save Big

by Justin Weinger on August 22, 2011

ShareTweet Monthly recurring costs can take up a big chunk of your budget. And sadly, because these costs are expected each month, we end up paying the bill without much thought, especially now that many of our bills can just come directly out of our checking accounts without us having to even really look at […]


Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

by Justin Weinger on August 9, 2011

ShareTweet In a down economy, where so many people are unemployed and uninsured, this may seem like an unrealistic topic to cover.  That being said, even in down times, people still have pets and still spend lots of money on them, even when the (the pet owners) don’t have it. Essentially pet insurance works in […]