Family Money: Easy Ways to Cut Your Family’s Expenses

by Justin Weinger on November 3, 2011

ShareTweet Well, apparently the author bug has really bitten me, because I’ve already released another book for the Amazon Kindle! The book, “Family Money: Easy Ways to Cut Your Family’s Expenses,” is a light-hearted how-to book on ways to drastically slash your monthly expenses without correspondingly affecting your lifestyle. Through years of writing on Saving […]


More Less Than Extreme Couponing Tips

by Justin Weinger on July 31, 2011

ShareTweet In continuing with my new obsession – and hopefully yours as well – I thought I would write more about some less-than-extreme couponing tips that I think will help you save hundreds of dollars per week and thousands of dollars per year. Considering the economy is growing at a much slower than expected pace, […]


Obesity Takes a Heavy Toll on Personal Finances

by Justin Weinger on July 26, 2011

ShareTweet We all know that being overweight is unhealthy and can lead to a lot of chronic disorders like high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as increased chances for a heart attack and many forms of cancer.  However, did you know that being overweight can have a lasting affect on your personal finances as […]


Higher Food Prices May End Up Being A Blessing In Disguise

by Justin Weinger on December 23, 2007

ShareTweet Have you noticed that your grocery bill has gotten more and more expensive over the last couple of months? Turns out you’re not alone. I think that while in the short term this is going to hurt a lot of people financially (last time I checked, we do have to eat, so we’re probably […]