ShareTweet Being showered with gifts that you didn’t ask for and don’t need can be an incredibly frustrating thing. Space is a commodity for many of us, and finding room for all of these unwanted items can be remarkably irritating. You should always remember that it’s not the giving of gifts that is the problem […]



Aspire to be a Minimalist

by Justin Weinger on November 17, 2011

ShareTweet A while back, I wrote about how my wife and I spent the better part of a weekend doing a deep clean of our home. We went through every room in the house and ended up donating or trashing old clothes, dishes, cooking utensils, DVDs, useless papers, you name it. And, as I stated […]


25 Things to Throw Out Today

by Justin Weinger on August 23, 2011

ShareTweet Editor’s Note: Throw out doesn’t necessarily mean put in the trash. Recycle, donate, sell or put in the garbage is what I mean.  Putting that in the title makes it a little long… A little over a week ago, my wife and I did a deep clean of our house, and it was, in […]