ShareTweet Despite the name of our site, we cover topics that are much more vast than just saving and budgeting money! This is precisely why a new e-book I ran across caught my eye, 25 Money Strategies Your Teacher Forgot to Tell You About. As the subtitle of the book says, it’s for those of […]



Two New eBooks on Amazon Kindle

by Justin Weinger on December 17, 2011

ShareTweet So, it looks like I’ve been bitten by the Amazon Kindle bug.  Although, it’s not buying books for the Kindle that I’m addicted to, it’s writing them! As of last night, I’ve now published five personal finance books to the Kindle, with the two latest being 5 Money Lessons I Learned from My Blue […]


The Frugal Christmas Gift Guide

by Justin Weinger on November 22, 2011

ShareTweet Without a doubt, the holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year. It seems you’ve got one family gathering after another, you’re busy trying to get your decorations up, and you’re stressed about getting gifts for everyone without blowing your budget. While I can’t help with the first two problems […]


Family Money: Easy Ways to Cut Your Family’s Expenses

by Justin Weinger on November 3, 2011

ShareTweet Well, apparently the author bug has really bitten me, because I’ve already released another book for the Amazon Kindle! The book, “Family Money: Easy Ways to Cut Your Family’s Expenses,” is a light-hearted how-to book on ways to drastically slash your monthly expenses without correspondingly affecting your lifestyle. Through years of writing on Saving […]