Tips for Buying in Bulk

by Justin Weinger on March 30, 2014

No matter who you are, a trip to the grocery store almost always ends the same way; you end up spending way too much. The problem is even worse if you’re foolish enough to shop when you’re hungry, but there is one excellent way to avoid this common problem, and that’s shopping in bulk.

It’s not as easy as it sounds but, if done correctly, shopping in bulk will mean fewer trips to the grocery store and shopping that’s much more cost-effective. The Tips below were put together to help make your bulk shopping even better. Enjoy.

Tip 1: Just because it’s bulk doesn’t mean it’s a good buy. If you go into Costco’s, BJ’s or Sam’s Club assuming that everything you find is going to be an excellent deal, you’re just fooling yourself. Yes, many items you’ll find will be excellently priced, especially if you buy a large number of them, but even warehouse store prices aren’t always as good as the prices at your local grocery store. With today’s technology you can easily use your smartphone and a price-check app to make sure that, no matter where you shop, you’re getting the best deal.

That being said, many prices in bulk warehouse stores are excellent and, even though they require membership, the cost can be worth it if you shop frequently and find items that you regularly use at a great price. In many cases you’ll be able to find every day prices at bulk stores that regular grocery stores only give you when items are “on sale”.

Tip 2: Make sure you have the extra space. When you’re buying in bulk it pays to prepare ahead of time and be as organized as possible. There’s nothing worse than having more food than your cupboards or refrigerator can handle, especially fresh foods that could possibly spoil. If it’s affordable, having an extra freezer in your garage, back room or basement can help you to really take advantage of excellent deals on items that will freeze well. Having a large amount of clean, dry cupboard space is also a big plus.

Tip 3: Remember that it’s still not a bargain if you don’t need it or won’t eat it (on time). As with anything that you use your hard earned money to purchase, if you really don’t need an item, including food, you’re simply wasting money if you buy it only because it’s on sale. For example, if you already have an excellent set of pots and pans there’s really no reason to buy a new set even if the sale price is amazing. If you don’t have the storage space in your freezer for that super deal on salmon, buying 10 pounds of it simply doesn’t make sense. Furthermore, if you really don’t like black beans (for example) but you buy 10 cases because they’re dirt-cheap, you’re really just kidding yourself and will end up giving them away or tossing them out anyway.

Buying in bulk is certainly an excellent way to save money on your weekly grocery bills if you plan your shopping trips correctly and stick to the basic rules of grocery shopping. Even better, if you have a big family it can help you to put food on the table for significantly less money.


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