Bargain Shopping at its Best

by Justin Weinger on March 4, 2007

I came across a very interesting and helpful article the other day at MSN Money that I’ve sent to practically everyone I know, and I figured it was about time that I shared it on Saving Without A Budget.

Essentially, the article talks about how easy it is to save a lot of money on your every day purchases if you’re willing to do a little bit of research and wait for the deals to happen

In reading the article, it seems to me that the best way for you to save money on anything you purchase is to combine coupons with rebates.  Whether it’s a bottle of mustard at the grocery store or tax software at Staples or Office Depot, there are plenty of ways for you combine these great money saving items so that you end up paying nothing for your purchases.

For example, here’s what the author had to say about how she’s been able to save lots of money over the years using coupons and rebates:

“For nearly three years I haven’t paid a dime for shampoo, toothpaste, analgesics, lotion or many other items.  I’ve gotten a free surge protector, light bulbs, extension cords and a computer keyboard.  And I’ve pad a fraction of the usual price for vitamins, laundry soap, cleaning supplies and other products.”

While I have never used rebates on groceries (obviously, like many of you I’ve used rebates on many large, one time purchases), this article has definitely piqued my interest and I’ll be doing some additional research into finding grocery rebate deals.  I religiously clip my coupons each Saturday morning, and am happy to save the extra money, but if I can figure out new ways to save more money, I’m all for that, too!

It’s pretty amazing that so many people don’t take advantage of these pretty easy savings, especially considering it doesn’t take too much effort and you can save a boat load of money.

Anyway, read the MSN article and figure out ways to save yourself lots and lots of money.


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