by Justin Weinger on April 4, 2013

So, what profession have you got your eye on after you leave school, college or university? The kind of job you have can say a lot about you; how hard you’ve worked at school and university; how seriously you’ve taken your studies, or simply how creative, hardworking and intelligent you are. Here is some useful information about what you might be earning in certain professions.

But first the worst paid position……

Research suggests that library assistants, with incomes of just over £10k are the most poorly paid positions in the UK, so they might just need to lift the phone and give the finance experts at a call to make those pennies stretch further in emergencies!

Company directors and CEOs are the best paid with incomes in excess of £200k. Here is a list of the best paid professions in the UK.

1. Company Directors

For entrepreneurs who form their own business, the sky is often the limit for pay packets. It is not surprising therefore that this position is the highest paid around. Company directors are responsible for the general operations of a company and if the company has share-holders, the company director must be prepared to justify their position, or they might just lose it. Well noone said it wasn’t tough at the top!

2. Doctors

Yes, you’ve guessed it! GPs and medical doctors are heaving home heavy pay packets! At approximately 100k, the average doctor is definitely in the money!

3. Brokers

Brokers have a reputation for fast living and high flying and thinking that greed is good! They are responsible for buying and selling stock and shares, and have to keep their finger on the market pulse at all times. Well, here they are at position number three on the list, as their average pay packets are weighing in at just over 90k, so that’s where they get all their cash from!

4. Finance Directors

Finance directors are responsible for the finances of a company or organization. They come in at number four on the list, with an average salary of approximately 75k.

5. Commercial pilots

Commercial pilots are high earners. They are coming in at number five on the list and are bringing home pay packets in the region of 65k. 

6. Senior civil servants

Senior civil servants are exceptionally well paid servants, it seems! Advising government and managing government business, senior civil servants are raking in the cash! They are here at number 6 on the list, bringing home an average 60k to spend on beer and skittles.

7. High Grade Police Officers

Yes, all those government pay cuts in the public sector seem to be hitting junior police officers and ‘bobbies on the beat’ harder than they are hitting their senior administrative counterparts.

Police officers occupying the most senior ranks of the profession are very well paid. They feature at number 7 on the list and are bringing home an average pay packet of £55k.

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