Marketing Tips for Running a Small Business

by Justin Weinger on November 6, 2012

If you run a small business chances are that you have tried a great deal of ideas to get new customers in the doors and drive revenue upwards.  There are plenty of different things that you can do marketing-wise to be sure, but maybe you haven’t seen or heard all of them yet. Below there are a few good ones for you to peruse and use.  Some may be old but are still useful and some may be ideas that you’ve never heard of or used before.  Either way there should be at least a couple that are well worth using in the bunch so read them all and try some of them too.

The first is about postcards. Yes, postcards.  A well done postcard campaign can drive business to your door or your website and, when highly targeted and brief, can lead to a flood of sales calls for a very reasonable budget.

Never put all your marketing eggs in 1 basket.  Better to have a rotating lineup of different, smaller marketing campaigns that are varied and diverse. The thing to remember here is that there are many assorted ways to market your business and many of them are excellent.  There are also many things that customers do to find you, so make sure you’re findable by advertising and marketing in several different places all the time.

Team up with other local businesses to advertise together.  This type of ‘buddy system’ marketing will save you money and possibly open your services and products up to a whole new market.

Use handwritten notes on as much of your direct mail pieces as possible, especially your daily business mail.  These act like mini billboards and generate a lot of affinity for your brand and your products over time.  Remember to keep it short and to the point so that people will read it and get your message.

Answer your phone with a friendly greeting and a question about your current offer. This will engage your customers that are calling and compel them to ask you about said offer, prompting a conversation and possibly a sale where there was none to begin with.

Finally, if you’re not using them Newsletters are still an excellent way to generate new business, get the word out about your brand and build a fan base of happy customers.  If you can’t print one consider an email newsletter instead but do one or the other.

Put these ideas and tips to work today and watch as the line to your business grows.


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