How to Save on All Your Bills

by Justin Weinger on August 22, 2009

Image courtesy of Images of Money

Saving money on your bills is of paramount importance in these hard pressed times. Many of us are
struggling to maintain our finances to some degree, so all the help and advice we can get is going to
be welcomed with open arms.

If you want to save on everything from your gas and electricity bills, your grocery bills and your
motor insurance, then read on for some handy tips to help you along the way.

You can save pretty much anywhere in and around the house. In the kitchen, for example, perhaps
you could use less water when you boil the kettle? Only fill it to the required level to avoid
unnecessary energy usage – you’ll only have to boil all that water again when you need it later on!

When it comes to cooking, it’ll save you a chunk if you only preheat the oven for ten minutes instead
of twenty and throw away less food. And when you’ve finished cooking altogether, make sure you
(and all your family) turn all appliances off at the wall. Electrical appliances left on standby can use
up to 80% of the energy they do when they’re on, so it will keep the dollars in your wallet in the long

The same applies to the TV and games consoles, so if you can somehow convince them to get in the
habit, get your kids to switch everything off after their mammoth gaming sessions. And, of course,
you could always ask them to cut down their mammoth gaming sessions to save a bit of money, too,
but this might be pushing your luck!

Use the heating less when you can get away with simply wearing a few more layers. If it gets too
cold, though, you might need to have it on just to keep your pipes from freezing.

Moving onto your motor insurance, you can save by simply making your wheels safer. Your insurer
will take note if you make an effort to park it in a safe place at night and get an alarm fitted. It will
also work in your favour to opt to pay more on your deductibles in the event of having to make a
claim. It is a risk because if you have to make a claim, then you have to pay more out of your own
pocket, but your premiums will be reduced if you take this route.


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