Do You Really Need a Dedicated Phone Line in Your House – Part 2

by Justin Weinger on September 6, 2006

The other day I posted an article about deciding whether or not it’s worth it to have a dedicated house line if you use your cell phone most of the time.

It turns out you might be able go ahead and ditch the land line, saving between $30 and $50 per month, and still have a “dedicated” phone for your house – especially if you have broadband internet.

The service that allows you to do this is called Skype, which is a FREE program that allows you to make FREE phone calls on your computer via the internet to anyone in the world who also has Skype (click here for more information).

While this certainly isn’t as traditional as having a regular phone line in the house, this service has the possibility of becoming the phone line of the future considering nearly 2/3rds of the United States has access to broadband internet.

Because most of your friends and family will have broadband internet access as well, you should be able to get them to switch over to Skype as well.

So whether you just up your cell phone plan, or opt to use programs like Skype, it looks like you may be able to save yourself a couple of hundred dollars per year and do without your house’s phone line.


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