10 Treasures Hiding in Your Attic

by Justin Weinger on July 8, 2011

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What sorts of treasures do you have hiding in your attic? Image via Wikipedia

It’s sort of a slow news day (aside from the awful June jobs report, which I don’t even really feel like talking about), so I’ve been looking long and hard for something worthy to write about.  Because I’m in the midst of cleaning out my house and selling stuff on Craig’s List for some extra cash, I thought this article on 10 Treasures Hiding in Your Attic, published on MSN, would be interesting for you all to read.

As you are well aware, the stuff that we store in our attics, closets, crawl spaces, and storage units has monetary value.  If we chose to take the time and effort to sell off the goods we own that do nothing more than take up space, we could probably put at least several hundred, if not several thousand, dollars back into our bank accounts.

But, might some things be worth more — lots more — than the other “junk” you own that does nothing more than collect dust?  You might be surprised.

According to the article, when doing your spring cleaning, you should keep an eye out for things that might net you some cold hard cash.

My favorite of the 10 things listed in the article was vintage sporting goods:

Of course not every old bicycle in your garage is going to be worth something, but vintage Schwinn bicycles, from the 1950s or earlier, are now peddled as collectibles for $1,000 and up. Check your attic too. Leather football helmets, wooden tennis racquets, duck decoys and even old folding kayaks have second lives.

Now I can tell my wife I have a good reason to hold on to that old wooden tennis racket that hasn’t been used since the late 1970’s.

What sort of “treasures” do you keep in your attic?  Leave a comment below!


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