March 2014

Tips for Buying in Bulk

by Justin Weinger on March 30, 2014

ShareTweet No matter who you are, a trip to the grocery store almost always ends the same way; you end up spending way too much. The problem is even worse if you’re foolish enough to shop when you’re hungry, but there is one excellent way to avoid this common problem, and that’s shopping in bulk. […]



The Top 3 Credit Cards for Small Business Owners

by Justin Weinger on March 23, 2014

ShareTweet When it comes to credit cards for small businesses, there are all sorts of fancy names including Plus, Platinum, Preferred and also Gold. Most of that is marketing hype of course and, in order to get a card that really works well with a particular business, a business owner will need to look beyond […]



Do a lot of people Cheat on their Taxes? Actually, No!

by Justin Weinger on March 16, 2014

ShareTweet Okay let’s face it, paying taxes is not exactly high on most people’s list of “fun things to do”. That being said, the annual taxpayer survey from the IRS Oversight Board recently found that a whopping 86% of Americans think cheating on taxes isn’t right. Those same people also agreed that people who do […]



Most in US Have No Savings to Speak Of, Unfortunately

by Justin Weinger on March 4, 2014

ShareTweet The average American continues to struggle when it comes to saving money due to problems like prolonged unemployment, underemployment and stagnant wages. Homeownership has also become an exceedingly poor option when it comes to building wealth, something that has affected many families across the country negatively, including most significantly how much they’ve been able […]