November 2013

What you should be Teaching your Teenager about Credit

by Justin Weinger on November 27, 2013

ShareTweet One of the basic goals of every parent is to teach their child the lessons they need to know to be able to make it on their own when they become adults. Of all those lessons, one of the best that you can teach to your kids is how to handle credit. The reason is […]



The Top Survey Sites for Making a Little Extra Cash

by Justin Weinger on November 20, 2013

ShareTweet Many people ask us about survey sites that we recommend and which ones they are. The fact is however that survey sites aren’t really a particularly good way to make money. You need to take a whole lot of surveys in order to make just a little bit of money and,  frankly, there are […]



Six Ways to Save Money on Phone Calls

by Justin Weinger on November 19, 2013

ShareTweet Do you frequently go over your monthly budget on phone bills? Media services can really add up, particularly if you’ve gone over your data or minute allowance. Use the following tips to keep your phone use strictly within budget. 1. Use a single provider for all media needs. Do you currently pay separate bills […]



Financial Tips That Sound Bad but Work Well

by Justin Weinger on November 10, 2013

ShareTweet If you ask most certified financial planners you’ll find that one of the things they’re constantly warning their clients against is making bad money choices based on “popular financial advice”, which is often wrong.  Today’s blog is basically to help you, our dear readers, avoid “financial suicide” by avoiding tips that “sound good” but […]