October 2013

Are You Going to be Able to Retire Some Day?

by Justin Weinger on October 26, 2013

ShareTweet According to financial services company HSBC,  almost 20% of all Americans surveyed by them recently believe that they will never be able to retire and will keep working until the day they die. When it comes to people who are either separated or divorced, the picture is even worse. Almost 35% believe that retirement […]



Tips for Creating an Engaging and Profitable Website

by Justin Weinger on October 15, 2013

ShareTweet Having a website is definitely a “must-have” business tool in today’s Internet obsessed world. The problem is that most business website owners don’t really have a clue as to how to optimize their website and, more importantly, make it profitable. In many cases they pay their web designer huge amounts of money as well […]


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How to (possibly) cut your Cellphone Bill in Half

by Justin Weinger on October 8, 2013

ShareTweet Have you seen those TV commercials, either at home or at the movies, talking about how you have a “choice” when it comes to cell phones and that their “prepaid phones” will give you the exact same service as the contract phones that you already have but without the contract and for half the […]



Buying a Home? These Tips will make it Easier

by Justin Weinger on October 1, 2013

ShareTweet Even though it’s a bigger dream than ever before, home ownership is still a dream for many Americans. Indeed, it’s one of 3 top financial goals that most adults have. The biggest problem that most people face is not that they can’t buy a home but that they either try to buy one too […]