June 2012

Spread Betting Infographic

by Justin Weinger on June 26, 2012

ShareTweet   Over the past few decades, there’s been a seismic shift towards gender equality in many sectors, and there are visible signs that the world of financial trading is beginning to follow suit. This infographic created by City Index has helped to chart the progress of female traders who, irrespective of their background, profession […]


Small Business Advice

by Justin Weinger on June 22, 2012

ShareTweet Do you have that entrepreneurial spirit?  I sure do, just take a look at my blog, it makes money just like any other business.  However, I do have one distinct benefit over other small businesses in that I have a virtual office rather a typical brick and mortar.  Not to mention I am the […]


Types of Accidents You Should Claim

by Justin Weinger on June 21, 2012

ShareTweet You’ve just had an accident and as a result have picked up an injury, but aren’t too sure about what may happen in the near future. If you’ve never experienced such a thing, but are worried about how it can happen to you, there are some types of accident which are more common than […]


Injury Claims May be a Blessing in Disguise

by Justin Weinger on June 19, 2012

ShareTweet In this day and age I am interested in anything that makes me money!  Could be blogging, a typical side job, a raise at my primary job, or even a slip and fall accident.  I’m certainly not looking to get hurt, but by no means am I opposed to collecting if I do.  I […]