August 2011

Household Items That Save You Money

by Justin Weinger on August 31, 2011

ShareTweet Today while scanning my usual personal finance sites I came across an interesting video (see below) on household gadgets that not only pay for themselves, but eventually end up saving you a little bit of money. The video made me think of an interesting point, probably something which my much smarter readers have already […]


Frugal Lessons From a Guy Who Lost $90 Million

by Justin Weinger on August 30, 2011

ShareTweet You’ve probably heard of the name John McAfee, however, if you can’t place the name, go to the bottom right corner of your computer screen and check out your antivirus software. Is it McAfee As you might have guessed, creating one of the world’s most widely used antivirus software makes you rich. Really rich. […]


Don’t Make These 10 First Time Homebuyer Mistakes

by Justin Weinger on August 29, 2011

ShareTweet Thanks to record low mortgage rates and home prices that have fallen roughly one-third on a national level from the real estate bubble’s peak, buying a home is now more affordable than it has been in decades. (NOTE: This takes into consideration the price of the house/mortgage only, not other costs such as HOA […]


What Do You Do With Your Spare Change?

by Justin Weinger on August 27, 2011

ShareTweet The other day I started cleaning out the drawers in my office desk and, because sometimes I’m not good about avoiding the office vending machine, I ended up finding about $5 worth of spare change.  This got me to thinking: where else do I have a few buck in coins just lying around? After […]