May 2007

Examine Your Last Credit Card Bill

by Justin Weinger on May 23, 2007

ShareTweet This post is about as close as I’ll ever get to advocating that you start a monthly budget, but it is something that I’ve done over the past couple of months that has really helped me reduce the amount of money that I’ve spent on useless “want” items. If you’re anything like me, you […]


How Stores Trick You Into Spending More

by Justin Weinger on May 14, 2007

ShareTweet While scouring over Digg, I came across a very interesting (and popular) article from MSN Money which talks about the different ways that stores trick you into spending more money. Upon first glance, these tricks seem pretty subtle, but the more you think about them the more obvious they become. For example, have you […]


Do a Little Spring Cleaning

by Justin Weinger on May 9, 2007

ShareTweet While today’s topic really isn’t too much about saving money – although it might help you make a couple of bucks – it’ll help you declutter your home and make your living space much more presentable. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got tons and tons of stuff around your house that you don’t […]


Real Estate’s Coming Death Rattle

by Justin Weinger on May 8, 2007

ShareTweet Lately there’s been rampant speculation on where the housing market will go from here; you’ve got the optimists who say that we’ve hit the price floor and the market will only go up from here, you’ve got the pessimists (like me) who say that the worst is yet to come, and you’ve got a […]