April 2007

ShareTweet The other day a buddy of mine was asking about what to do with his 401k – he had recently switched jobs and wanted to move all of his money from the old company’s plan to the new company’s plan. Simple enough. However, when he told me how he planned to do this, I […]


Why the “10% Rule” is Actually a Good Thing

by Justin Weinger on April 28, 2007

ShareTweet The other day I was reading an article by Walter Updegrave, Money Magazine’s senior editor, in which he states that the “10% Rule” – the notion that you need to save 10% of your salary each year in order to have enough money when you retire – isn’t a very good savings plan. Updegrave […]


Most People Believe They Are Fiscally Responsible

by Justin Weinger on April 24, 2007

ShareTweet According to a recent poll on Saving Without A Budget, nearly 60% of people believe that they are doing a good job with their personal finances and would deem themselves “fiscally responsible.” When asked, “do you consider yourself to be fiscally responsible,” 59% of respondents stated that they are fiscally responsible, 38% stated that […]


The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

by Justin Weinger on April 23, 2007

ShareTweet This past weekend, aside from enjoying the nice weather, I did something that I’ve done before – I went back to a company that had “done work” for me, told them that I wasn’t satisfied with their work and that I would like to be reimbursed for the costs I incurred for fixing their […]