February 2007

Money = Time, Spend Them With Care

by Justin Weinger on February 26, 2007

ShareTweet I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression “time equals money,” or some derivative of it, but have you actually thought about how true that statement really is?  I think after you read this you’ll have a better appreciation for both how you earn your money and what you ultimately spend that money on. Think […]


Trick Yourself Into Thinking You’re Poor and End Up Rich

by Justin Weinger on February 19, 2007

ShareTweet While enjoying my President’s Day today I came across an interesting article on Yahoo! Finance that listed ways that you can trick yourself into saving large sums of money (over time of course).  All things considered, it was a pretty interesting article that had a very non-conventional way for you to build up a […]


Switch to Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

by Justin Weinger on February 14, 2007

ShareTweet Okay, first off, let me preface this article by saying that I just watched An Inconvenient Truth and, in some small part, this is my very feeble attempt at trying to do my part to help the environment. In that same vein, if this article can help you save a couple of bucks at […]


Environmentally Friendly Investing

by Justin Weinger on February 11, 2007

ShareTweet It looks like investing for green now has a double meaning. A couple of years ago, if you would have asked someone about “green investing” they probably would have told you that you were just trying to make some cash.  Today, “green investing” not only means investing to make money, but to invest your money […]