January 2007

The Easiest AND Hardest Way to Save Lots of Money

by Justin Weinger on January 24, 2007

ShareTweet Turns out one of the easiest ways (theoretically) to save money may simply come down to you asking yourself one single question: “Is this something I NEED or just something I WANT?” If you can ask yourself this question each time you make a purchase, you’re going to set yourself up to save a lot […]


Federal Reserve Now Worried About Falling Oil Prices

by Justin Weinger on January 21, 2007

ShareTweet It looks like that no matter what happens with oil prices, whether they’re rising or falling, it’s going to be a lose/lose situation. According to an article published on CNN.com last Wednesday, the United States Federal Reserve is now concerned that falling oil prices will cause the economy to grow at a more robust […]


Reduce The Price of Owning a Pet

by Justin Weinger on January 14, 2007

ShareTweet While having a pet (or multiple pets) can be a great source of fun and love, it can also be a huge drain on your wallet.  While picking up a bag of food each month or taking your pet to get groomed may not seem like it adds up to a lot of money […]


New Tax Rules Will Save You Some Money

by Justin Weinger on January 9, 2007

ShareTweet Despite the fact that 2006’s tax rates remain unchanged from 2005’s rates, it appears that you may be in line for a slight reduction in your overall tax bill.  Who knew the Federal Government could be so generous?!? Essentially what is happening is the tax rates are not being adjusted, however the tax brackets […]